Thursday, December 07, 2006

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands

Shot of one of Grand Turk's now-defunct salt ponds (the salt industry closed on the island in the 1960s, after 300 years of production). Posted by Picasa

View of the northern coast past the lighthouse. Posted by Picasa

Info plaque about the lighthouse. Posted by Picasa

Another shot inside the residence. Posted by Picasa

Inside the residence. Posted by Picasa

Info plaque on the Lighthouse Keep's Residence. Posted by Picasa

Me with the lighthouse! Posted by Picasa

Melissa posing with the lighthouse. Posted by Picasa

Our next stop was the Grand Turk Lighthouse, constructed in 1852, at the northern end of the island. Posted by Picasa

On the streets of Cockburn Town. Posted by Picasa

On the streets of Cockburn Town. Posted by Picasa

On the streets of Cockburn Town. Posted by Picasa

Beach off of Front Street. Posted by Picasa

Not far from the prison was Front Street, a street with shops and cafes looking out onto the beach. Posted by Picasa

Good times. Posted by Picasa

Inside a cell. Posted by Picasa

Inside the cell block. Posted by Picasa

yikes. Posted by Picasa

Info marker. Posted by Picasa

Building on the prison grounds. Posted by Picasa

Our first stop was at Her Majesty's Prison in the historic Cockburn Town. Posted by Picasa

Melissa waiting with me to take the shuttle around the island. Posted by Picasa
I just like this one of me for some reason!

Rachelle, Kate, and I living it up in Margaritaville!

Rachelle and I.

Vikki and Haneke in Margaritaville.

A view of Grand Turk's cruise ship terminal complex. In the complex, there are shops, a beach, and a Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Restaurant complete with a saltwater pool. Posted by Picasa